Benefits of the solar park

In 2019, the UK Government adopted a legally binding target to become a net zero economy by 2050, in an effort to fight climate change and deliver a more sustainable society for all. In order to achieve that, the UK will have to increase the production of renewable energy, including solar energy.

In addition, the generation of local clean energy will support security of energy supply, reducing our dependence from fossil fuels.

This application presents an opportunity for a renewable energy development that will produce a significant amount of renewable, carbon-free electricity and connect directly to the local energy distribution network, thereby helping to support the nation’s wider renewable energy strategy and meet the government’s identified clean energy targets. The proposal has also been designed to minimise any potential impacts on the environment and to provide an opportunity for biodiversity net gain throughout the site.


There is now a growing demand for renewable energy sources in the UK because of increased awareness of the current climate emergency. Solar farms such as this development present an ideal solution, given their relatively quick start-up times and low maintenance costs.

The proposal will provide long- and short-term jobs and will support the diversification of an agricultural business.

The proposed development is a temporary installation that will not result in any permanent loss of agricultural land.


The proposed development will minimise any potential impacts on the environment and provide biodiversity net gains throughout the site.

The project will have a life span of about 40 years and is expected to export up to 25,000MWh/y to the local distribution network. Based on the assumption that an average household in England has an electricity consumption of 2,900kWh, the project could potentially provide power for the equivalent of 8,500 households every year.


Renewable energy generation will help in alleviating climate change and the social issues that this causes.

Biodiversity net gain

The proposed development will minimise any potential impacts on the environment and, in addition, provide at least 30% biodiversity net gain throughout the site. In particular, we are seeking to enhance local habitats by implementing measures such as creating and enhancing existing site boundaries using native species, introducing a wildflower mix across the site and taking the site out of intensive crop production.